Church of Saint Rutaw

‘Truth is the path of the Martyr, Order is the path of destiny.’ – Prayer of the Order of Saint Rutaw

Set up in the times of the first settlers, the Church is devoted to a man that rose to the power of a Diety. Saint Rutaw is an important part of the history of Nioch’e, as he was the one who discovered the magical drive that powers all modern airships. While the Church is headquartered in Kaloa they have strong influences all over the continent. Saint Rutaw being the god of Order and Fate, has embedded the Order with a feeling of manifest destiny and a certain inevitability that they will control the fate of Nioch’e and later even beyond.

Frustrated by continually being bested by inferior foe’s, the Church sponsors crusades and cleansing wars to bring order and peace to the land. This has been true for the last 150 years, always having a grand crusade or mission to accomplish the church has disenfranchised every potential ally. This brought the church to the verge of political collapse even in the great city of Kaloa, the corruption and power of the High Priests were the cause. When the Seven Celestial Sisters arrived 10 years ago in Kaloa they purged the High Priests, citing there sins as the reason the Church was failing. Replacing the Priests the eldest of the Sisters stayed in Kaloa to remain the Churches safe guard against corruption, she started a new crusade against the tribes of savage humaniods in the Southern Wildlands and has headed the campaign from her warship ‘Bearhound’ ever since.

The Church in area’s outside of the Empire didn’t fair well in the corruption, the lessor known Dieties rose in influence and priests now are constantly fighting for the political power they once had.

Churches of Saint Rutaw tend to be

Church of Saint Rutaw

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