Ancient city of the Elves, it is the oldest city of all of Nioch’e. Built on the branches of massive Silverwood Trees Et’a is the center of arts and culture for nature lovers. Being capital of the Elven territories the elves that live in the city are mostly nomadic.

Preferring to roam the northern forest in small groups rather than settle down in one place, an elf group might build a communal home in the city and live there for many years. It is usually accepted that when a group of Elves comes to the city they are looking for new travelling the companions, thus it isn’t uncommon for the groups to break up in the city, forming new ones. Any single elves stay in Et’a is dependent on the individual, they will wait until they find travelling companions that they are comfortable with, which may take anywhere from a few weeks to years. When the last of a group leaves Et’a the remaining member will deconstruct the communal house as a symbol of new beginnings, clearing up a space for new travellers.

The shape and size of the city changes as much as the seasons and tides, but it’s such a gradual change that only the elves recognize it. While humans and other races have tried to settle in Et’a there futile efforts are never permanent and they will eventually leave, abandoning there ‘structures’ showing no respect for nature. Eventually the earth will reclaim it, but it is better for you to give back to the earth rather than leave a scar to heal.

On the highest of the trees there are nests of giant eagles seeking sanctuary from the blundering of the other races, here in Et’a they are respected and treated as equals. It is not uncommon for the Eagles to assist Elven warriors in battle. This alliance between the two races is more important now than ever before, the large skyship fleets seen flying over the forest are a threat to the way of the elves. A group of dedicated Elves with the assistance of the Eagles patrol the skies above the canopy, vigilant against the threat from the air. Powerful denizens of magic and masters of the spear they are called the Stormriders, some are rumored to even have the ability to destroy an armored skyship with a single lightning blast.


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