Goodel Port

Serving as the sea and skyport for the city of Allure it’s main attractions are mainly resource harvesting and manufacturing. Specializing in raw resources, minerals, crops, and timber; Goodel port exports some of its building materials to Thomish. The port city itself boasts some of the better quality craftsmen in the area, furniture especially. Outside of the Port area the Goodel region is largely a collection of small villages formed around a central resource, usually farms, lumbermills, or mines. The type of community depends largely on what is being gathered. Dwarves are typically the residents of mining towns while humans and elves mingle to form farms and logging towns. The racial mix of the area creates tension between villages but no violent outbursts have happened in the last fifty years.

While there are no official boundaries to the region it is generally accepted that when the villages to the west stop having any other population then elves you’ve entered the Northern Forest and Elven territory. To the north-east towards the Hunting Lands the territory stops when the Dwarven mines become Goblin and Orc tribal holds. Effectively the boundaries change constantly depending on when you look at them.

Enforcement and expansion of borders also take a page from the Thomish model as the Goodel region receives no official support from Allure. They hire specialized groups of adventurers to execute tasks, largely benefiting from the influx of loot they bring in from their raids. The Adventurers Guild maintains a strong presence in the port city to facilitate the need for competent upstarts. The taxes made from selling the loot often balances the cost of hire in the first place.

Many consider the area to be an extension of the Thomish territories rather than a tributary to Allure. The region is primarily financially dependent on exports to Allure and only exists as long as that trade can remain profitable.

Goodel Port

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