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Welcome to Nioch’e (neo-shay)


Empire of Kaloa
-Crusades Garrison

Central Mountains

Gulf of Tobiak
-Goodel Port
-Kattonary Coast Clans

Eastern Flood Plains


Northern Forests

Hunting Lands
-Elder Hill
-Kattonary Dragon Tribes


Organizations and Guilds

Order of Tobiak
-Tobiak Stronghold

Palivorn Hunters

Adventurers Guild

Mages Guild

Holy Order of the Seven Sisters

Sailors Pact

Trest Traders

Blackwood Company

Church of Saint Rutaw


Thomish-Diety God of the Wild and Hunting

Estrianne Goddess of the Sun

Saint Rutaw God of Justice and Order

Halafar God of Magic

Paletra Goddess of Life and Fertility

Imenrue Goddess of Night and Fear

Amench God of Stealth and Death

E’ch Loba Goddess of War

Main Page

Druid Wars and the Path of the Fallen Conshey