Order of Tobiak

A secretive organization that is rumored to have knowledge of the why inter-dimensional travel does not work on Noich’e. While little is known of the organization itself the history holds its roots in the legends of the settlers, nearly 800 years ago.

Not long after Rutaw Askiesk led the settlers of Kaloa to victory over the tribes of the mainland, a great sorcerer garnered enough support to launch an expedition to explore the continent. The sorcerer was named Tobiak, but many believe that his motives were not what he told the court at Kaloa. Tobiak was obsessed with finding the reason why inter-dimensional failed on the continent, and many believe he was determined to find the source.

The expedition was a success of a sort, Tobiak never returned but instead sent back files and books on the native tribes and geology of the continent. His greatest contribution many believe would be the complete mapping of Nioch’e, a map so complete that only slightly modified versions are considered the best even now. Late in his life he established the Tobiak Stronghold on the northern most island, this is where he died leaving behind the brave men and women of his expedition who established the order.

The order doesn’t resurface in historical events until just about 200 years ago when they were heavily involved in an investigation into the southeastern badlands. It is widely known that the only survivor of this expedition was an apprentice in the order, he had brought back maps of the region and identified a new city Tsukra and cultures within the area. He died soon after returning to the fledgling settlement that would eventually become Thomish.

Only weeks after the messengers death, the eastern cataclysm devastated the southern flood plains making easy passage into the badlands nearly impossible. While a second expedition was organized in Thomish it never left, disbanding shortly after the cataclysm.

Since then the Order of Tobiak has been content to maintain relations with the major cities of Nioch’e and stay within the borders of their stronghold.

Order of Tobiak

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