Settled less than 200 years ago, Thomish rapidly expanded to a bustling metropolis. Originally Thomish was established as a base camp for a small group of organized adventuring groups. Merchants quickly flocked to the fertile plains in search of great wealth and they found it. Shortly after the initial settling the Tobiak Rift devastated the southern border of the plains, this effectively cut off Thomish from Tsukra territory in the badlands and their raiding parties. As a secondary effect of the disaster there was an abundance of magically conductive crystal also known as Altarium, a crucial ingredient in the production of skyships.

An ore rush sparked a great immigration to the flood plains with all types of people and races searching for wealth, and an escape from the oppressive Empire of Kaloa. The influx of people forced the native tribes north into the hunting lands, which is something that the Tribes haven’t forgotten.

Thomish is in all actuality 2 cities settled on opposite sides of the river from each other that sprawled into each other. Occupying more than fifteen square miles of the land it is easily the largest city in Nioch’e both geographically and in population. Due to poor infrastructure and the rapid construction of the city Thomish suffers from occasional epidemics of Dysentery and similar diseases. Great strides have been made to improve life in Thomish, recently the riverfront on the west side of the city burned down and they are rebuilding with expansion and infrastructure in mind.

The government of Thomish is a loose coalition of rich merchant families and Guilds, each manipulating the others to control special interests. The city guard is corrupt and only really there as a show of authority when the reality is that street gangs control certain areas of the city. The newly rebuilt western waterfront controlled by the Guilds and merchants is the safest part of the city and is patrolled by private enforcers rather than public guards. Building upon this economy and in it’s most rich tradition most external threats to the city are addressed by specialized groups of adventurers seeking fame, riches, or just an escape from poverty.

The territories controlled by Thomish relies on how aggressive the Guilds and merchant families expand into new areas. The tribes of the hunting lands are in negotiation with Thomish to establish permanent borders, but do to the unpredictability of both regions power structures this has led to nothing but small skirmishes in the northern villages. The same situation exists as the city pushes its settlements westward into the mountain territories of Allure. It is excepted though that Thomish’s territory and right to harvest resources ends when the terrain rises above 3000 ft, the maximum height of the skyships.

By far Thomish’s most important export is skyships, in the last 50 years they’ve sold an impressive number to the Kaloan Empire and the Free Cities, with each family or Guild keeping a sizable force for themselves to protect interests at home. Otherwise the eastern flood plains is a rich farmland that provides more than enough food to Thomish and Allure.

In all there are seventeen major players in the politics of Thomish’s complex hierarchy. Guilds, Merchant Families, and the famous Adventurers Guild that started them all. The influence of these factions expands and contracts as often as the tides, forces constantly moving against each other hoping to one day emerge on top.


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