General Knowledge

Altarium is a mineral found throughout Nioch’e that reacts in different ways to magical input. It is primarily used to manufacture skyships, fueling the trade and political aspirations of the elite of Nioch’e. When input with magical energy Altarium floats in the air, dissipating magical energy over a period of time.

The greatest density of Altarium is found in and around the Tobiak Rift, but significant deposits can be found on the coast of the Sundering Sea and the shore line of Kaloa. The wars between Thomish and Tsukra recently have become more intense as the valuable resource has been demanded by the military of the empire mainly in support of the build-up to the crusade.


While in its crystallized state, Altarium, is highly volatile and tends to explode after being exposed to a certain amount of energy. Even when a small amount is input the crystals tend to shatter after about an hour of use. As a result of the cost and rarity, Altarium is rarely used in its crystalline form.

Most commonly it is used as a gas or powder injected into an air bladder that is housed on the skyship, most commonly on the bottom exterior of the ship but more frequently on the inside of the hull when used on warships. This is because in a powder or gas form Altarium is highly explosive in nature and any type of spark will cause it to ignite. The size and weight of a skyship limits its ability to ‘float’ and so lighter and smaller ships are commonly used in the mountains while larger ships that are hybrids can both float in the air and on the sea.


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