Kaloa, Cobalt Jewel of the Empire

Capital of the Empire of Kaloa the city shines like a beacon to Nioch’e.

Known as the Cobalt City it is primarily built out of the Blue tinged marble that make up the Island that it rests upon in the Tempered Sea. Rich veins of silver dot the hills of the empire and many important buildings are accented with silver. Finally the black roof’s that define any travelers first views of the city are forged from the silt filled sand taken from the beaches of the Tempered Sea, giving the roof tiles a marbled black and gray pattern. Large open window’s are common in the architecture.

Large open squares break up the tightly woven fabric of houses and narrow streets, squares filled with fountains and statues sitting in front of grand entrances of Churches, Villa’s, and State Buildings. Near the center an array of massive buildings rise up above the city, surrounded by a perfectly circular wall these buildings are built on the largest hill on the Island with the Tower of the Blue Moon beset on its apex. The massive Tower of the Blue Moon rises high above the city and affords excellent views to the entire city; likewise it is visible to the entire city, often used as a referent point to travelers.

Surrounding Kaloa, Villa’s and Vineyards stretch for miles with large farms beyond that. Thirty-three towers surround the city about 2 miles out from the outer walls. The towers built of the same Cobalt Marble are skyports and each one has a settlement ranging from a town to a small city to accommodate weary travelers.

The Tempered Sea’s powerful magically induced currents makes the waters to unpredictable to sail. Many ships have been wrecked upon the rocks of the cliffs and beaches of the sea. The currents are an after effect of the First Purging Crusade and have been that way for at least 800 years. It was this effect that directly led to the development of skyships, and eventually the success of the crusade.

Directly east over the Tempered Sea lies a large city, Castor. Castor is set on the black cliffs of the sea to reach out west to sunset toward Kaloa. Set atop the cliffs of Castor is the Tower of the Red Moon the sister tower to the Tower of the Blue Moon and almost identical in every way save for the mounted crystal at the top of the tower. Castor is the main skyport for any passenger travel to Kaloa.

Religion and art are an important part of Kaloan life and culture, it is integrated into every detail of a Citizens life from the cup they drink to the road they walk on. The roads of Kaloa flow like a maze around the central walls each one eventually reaching massive courtyards that house one of the four great temples. Museums, markets, villas, and forums line the edge of each of the courtyards, great buildings all surrounding a large reflection pool that has a statue of a founder of Kaloa in the middle.


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