Religion plays a huge role in the Tsukra. The religion of knowledge and control. The many sects that encompass the regions surrounding the city speak of deeds only seen in nightmares or conceived in the deepest layers of the abyss. Rumors say that the flayers are behind the tales but no one has confirmed this with any shred of credible evidence, only the insane ramblings of madmen that managed to survive.

When at war with the guilds of Thomish, Tsukra has sent legions of dedicated worshippers led by the dreaded Thri-Kreen, a race of sentient insects that have 4 arms and wage war with terrible fury.

Recent battles over the Tobiak Rift has demonstrated a very different approach to basic skyship design. While traditionally able to stay aloft indefinately but move very slowly, the Tsukran’s have developed fast movers that need a base of operation but are very effective in fighting slower more static skyships.

Prisoners are rare, and have routinely committed suicide once captured. Details about the badlands are very expensive and will fetch a high price on the guild markets.


Druid Wars and the Path of the Fallen Conshey